be FUNK'D with John Gabe B2B Gabi Ifrim

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Domneasca, nr 29, 800008 Galati


There’s no telling on where this adventurous experiment will take you, but it’s known for sure to be intense, unleashed and pretty mind blowing.So,forget about any boundaries and get ready for an endless season of fun,love and unforgettable night.
You will never dance alone! Live in your world party in UNION JACK STUDIO.

Starts @ 24:00
Dress code*smart & casual*
For reservations, please contact: 0757 888 691

Access 18 +
Behave responsibly!
Don’t drink and drive!
Union Jack Studio reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the location and the reservation list. Thank You for understanding!

Union Jack Studio