Galaţi Zoological Garden

Galaţi Zoological Garden


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Padurea Garboavele, Tulucesti, Romania


The Galaţi Zoological Garden is located in Garboavele forest, in the commune of Tulucesti, 17 kilometers north-west of Galati municipality.

On approximately 14 hectares, the zoo shelters a sundry collection of animal species, especially mammals and birds, from a multitude of geographical areas of the world (Europe, Asia, and Africa): lions, Siberian tigers, brown bears, wolves, Carpathian and roe deers, wild boars, and ornamental species of hens, pheasants, and peacocks.

Photo sources:Ştiinţele-Naturii-Galaţi-141371159286702/Florin Matei;

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