Domnească Street


Aleea Domnească, Galați, România


Domnească Street was the backbone of Galați in the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century. Today she lost her old charm.

In those days Domnească Street was compared with Calea Victoriei from Bucharest, "but broadly widened, with wider sidewalks, planted with sweet smels of limes and thick chestnuts," wrote Cristian Gheorghe in "The Charm of Danube and Galați". Unique in the country by appearance, Domnească Street was very beautiful. No wonder that aristocratic houses were built here near the Public Garden.

The oldest buidings of the urban ensemble to which we refer date back to the XIX century and were built in neoclassical and secession style. These include the Roman Catholic Church from Galați and the „Notre Dame de Sion” Institute.
In the first years of the XX century, on the Domnească Street were build representative buildings for the Danube city, but also for the the portfolio of architects creating the neo-Romanian style.

According to Galaţi County Cultural Directorate, "the length of the Domnești Street from the Royal Square (Piața Regală) to Carol Park is 4 kilometers. From the new Palace of Justice to the end only limes were planted. From the Royal Square to the Palace of Justice, you can find the largest and most luxurious stores the same as the ones from the major western cities.

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