Botanical Garden – The Sensory Garden

Botanical Garden – The Sensory Garden


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Strada Regimentul 11 Siret 6A, Galați 800340, Romania


The Botanical Garden from Galați was founded in 1990 as a department of the Natural Sciences Museum Complex "Răsvan Angheluţă". The Botanical Garden Patrimony consists of over 260,000 specimens of trees, shrubs and flowers.

The garden has an area of 18 ha and it is divided into six sectors: ornamental, greenhouse, useful plants, rosarium, flora and vegetation of Romania (5.3 ha), exotic flora.

In 2014 an unusual area was opened for the public - the Sensory Garden, unique in Romania. On an area of 750 square meters were built five vertical gardens, five alveoli with aromatic and useful plants, as well as a therapeutic alley –on which the public can walk ... barefoot. The alley has several surfaces: gravel, crushed stone, river stone, hay, cones, brick, sand, tree bark, and wood logs.

The barefooted tourist will walk on these surfaces, experiencing a real relaxation therapy by simply touching the elements with their barefeet. The therapy will continue on the ten wooden outdoor chairs (lounge chair), where the nature lovers can sit down and listen to the nature or smell the aromatic plants in the alveoli at the entrance to the garden.

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