Live music venues in Galați

What can be more relaxing than ending your day in one of the city's clubs or pubs, listening to the music that touches your soul with an exotic drink in front of you.

Here are some of the Galaţi venues where you can enjoy special evenings with live music and quality drinks.

55 Pub

At 55 Pub, you can enjoy the best jazz music of all time, acoustic concerts with the most famous artists, great theater performances, the most spectacular cocktails and dishes, all in an artistic location, in the new center of city.

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Daily Pub

Daily Pub, founded in 2004, is a large venue with live music and excellent food. Here you will find the most fresh cocktails and party evenings as they have not been mentioned before. If you really want to have fun, Daily Pub is the perfect place!

Daily Pub

Union Jack Studio

Good vibes only at Union Jack Studio, the club where nights become electrifying. Guess Who, Grace XXL, Macanache, Delia, Carla's Dreams or Vama are just a few of the special guests who made a show at Union Jack Studio.

The most important rule?
Be Amazing!

Union Jack Studio


Fratelli Lounge & Club reinvents the nightlife of the city, offering unforgettable experiences. Live music, incredible cocktails and great memories! Sufficient reasons for Fratelli Lounge & Club to have its place forever in your hearts.

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Club Infinity

Club Infinity is about music, dance and good mood. A place where you come to have fun and go with a story!

Club Infinity


In the 90's you immediately enter the pleasant atmosphere where you can listen to live music that touches your souls. Rock this city!

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Like Garden Pub

Like Garden Pub is a special venue, where good mood, fun and socialization are at home from Monday to Sunday.

Like Garden Pub

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