How do you get to Galați

How do you get to Galați

Galați is an important territorial traffic junction generated by road, ship and railway communication systems.

Road transport

Located just 250 km from Bucharest and Henri Coandă International Airport in Otopeni, Galati is connected to the national road network.

There are 6 entries in the city, from: Tulcea, Brăila, Tecuci, Smârdan, Bârlad and Rep. Moldova / Ukraine.

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Rail transport

Galați is the city with the highest number of railways in the country and the largest marshalling yards. The railway network in Galati is much more developed than the one in Bucharest due to marshalling yards, the largest in the country being Barboşi Triage with 32 lines.

You can get to Galaţi by train from Tecuci, Brăila and Bârlad.

Direct connections from Galaţi are to Bucharest North through Ploieşti Sud and Urziceni, Braşov through Ploieşti Sud, Cluj-Napoca (through Iaşi), Constanţa and numerous regional trains to Buzău, Râmnicu Sărat, Tecuci, Bârlad.

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Naval transport

Galați port is the biggest river maritime harbour on the Danube and the second largest port in Romania.

It is the only port on the Rhine-Danube corridor which can operate in direct transhipment from the maritime and fluvial ships on rail both with standard rail gauge (1435mm) and wide rail gauge (1530mm).

For passengers there are river transshipment services between Galaţi, via the ferry crossing point - Danube Quay and I.C. Brătianu, Tulcea. The crossing occurs every half hour from both shores, during the day interval 6.00 -22.00.

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Text and photo sources - Foto Adrian Geana

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