The Church of St. George

The Church of St. George

Church / Architectural objective


Nr. 260, Galați 800179, Romania


The Church St. George from Galați was built in 1897 and sanctified in May, the 27th 1897 by Partenie Clinceni, the Bishop of the Lower Danube.

The name of the church was inspired by another Church of St. George that was built in 1664, near the Danube River, close to the Church Precista (The Church of the Virgin) which at that moment was gradually collapsing. Since the people in the parish were plowmen, carriers, andcattle breeders, the second patron was St. Patriarch Modest of Jerusalem (5th century), the animals’ protector. The third patron, St. Ecaterina (Catherine), was added in 1929.

Representatives for the Church of St. Gheorghe, Modest and Ecaterina in Galați are the big tower, the iconostasis, the special painting style, and the wonderful embroidered epitaph.

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