Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

Architectural objective


Strada Domnească 38, Galați, Romania


Grand Hotel is a construction from the beginning of the XX century and was built at the initiative of the great owner Elie (Ilie) Climi (Climis) and is part of the group of 18 hotels built in the Galaţi during that century, along with the new stimulus of commercial life in the famous harbor of the Danube.

Grand Hotel is a building in a composite style, with neoclassical and baroque decoration elements. As architectural elements, there are two bowindows, symmetrically arranged in front of the main entrance, and richly decorated, framed with vertical ornaments with geometic and floral elements and highlighted in the eaves by semi-circular decorative fronts.

The main entrance is highlighted by the presence of the two balconies of honor, disposed at the level of the two floors, framed with decorative columns identical to those of the two bowindows. The decorations of the window frames on the two floors and the cornice also stands up. The north and south facades are decorated according to the models designed by the local architects, which seek to ensure a connection between the main and the secondary facade, oriented towards Logofat Tăutu Street.

After the IInd World War, the building was the headquaters of the Communist Party Administration, and after 1990 it became the headquarters of Galați City Hall.

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