Mavromol Church

Mavromol Church

Church / Architectural objective


Aleea Mavromol, Galați, Romania


Mavromol Church (from Greek works meaning “black rock”) from Galați has the patron “Adomirea Maicii Domnului” (the Assumption), and its construction was begun by the ruler Gheorghe Duca during his third reign in Moldova (1678-1683) and finished by his son, the ruler Constantin Duca in 1702. This church was dedicated to Mavromol Skite from Constantinopol. After it was burned down by the Turcs in 1736, Grigore Duca, the son of Costantin Duca, dedicated this church to Iași Mitropoly.

The current building dates from 1858-1861 and respects the original plan, although the original style has been altered by the introduction of apses, buttresses, windows and niches.

Text and photo sources:; Frunză

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