Danube River Cruises

Danube River Cruises

The river cruises could not be missed from the tourist offer of a harbor city on the Danube. A few passenger ships are available to tourists eager to walk on the great river. The routes are varied, even being able to make a trip to the Danube Delta.

Vega River

Aboard the passenger Vega River you can hold business meetings, dinners, private parties for groups up to 60 people (minimum duration 2 hours) or Danube Delta tours (minimum 3 days).

The ship is built in 2007 at the Naval Shipyard of Galați, with a cruising speed of 18 km / h.

It features a lounge with 60 seats at tables, air conditioning, upper deck with 36 seats at the bar and lounge, private kitchen.

Departure is from Vega hotel area.

Galați - Quay, Siret overflow, the Naval Shipyard and return, 2 hours of march
Galaţi - Prut overflow and return, 4 hours of march
Galati - Macin entrance waterway, 5 hours of march
Galati - Tulcea and return, 11 hours of march

Phone: 0040236306080; 0040742033033
Email: office@vegahotel.ro

Kaptan M

The Kaptan M cruise ship, with a capacity of 148 people, organizes 2-and-a-half-hour walks, departing from the Malnaş restaurant ship, on the Danube Quay, next to ”La Elice” Park.

Upstream you will reach Siret's mouth and downstream to Naval Shipyard of Galați.

During the weekend you can choose all-inclusive packages Galaţi-Crişan or Galaţi-Sulina and return, with meal and accommodation, with traditional fish dishes, canoeing, where you can admire the wild scenery with water lilies and cormorants, as well as other tourist spots.

The cruise program at Sulina includes cruise ship excursions, fishing contests, visit to Ivan Patzaichin Memorial House at Mila 23 and Stipoc Monastery.

Phone: 0040722767672
Email: contact@croazierekaptan.ro

Tudor Vladimirescu Ship - a true floating museum

The admiral ship of the Danube fleet was built in 1850-1853 at the Ganzdanubius Shipyard in Vienna. It was launched in 1854, being the oldest vessel in the Romanian fleet. She also owns the record of being the oldest paddle steamer in Europe.

It was given to Romania in 1919 in war reparation, being renamed "Sarmisegetuza" and converted to a passenger ship. Initially it had a special destination, but along the time aboard the passenger ship Tudor Vladimirescu traveled King Ferdinand and Queen Maria, Carol II, King Michael, Marshal Averescu and Antonescu and during the communist period Nichita Hrușciov, who was the guest of Gheorghiu-Dej.

In 2004, the ship was repaired and refurbished to modern standards by Navrom Galați. The paddle propulsion system was kept in place.

It is just spectacular to passengers to watch through the glass walls of the main deck as the double expansion vertical cylinders mechanism operates, which ship experts call a technical gem.

The ship is currently used for business meetings or other various meetings authorized by Navrom. The rental prices are very high. It charges the starting fee of 1,500 euros, and then it pays 500 euros per hour of navigation. High costs are due to the huge fuel consumption of the steam engine: 640 liters of diesel per hour!

Phone: 0040236411048; 0040740118899
Email: navrom_nca@yahoo.com

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