The Church of St. Dumitru

The Church of St. Dumitru

Church / Architectural objective


Galați, Romania


The Church of St. Dumitru was built by Vasile Lupu, ruler of Moldavia (1634 – 1653). There is no information about the exact year when it was built, but the Catholic missionary Petru Bogdan Bakšic (Deodato), who was in Galaţi in September, the 22nd 1641, notes that in the city "there is a large and beautiful church built by the ruler and dedicated to St. Dumitru, the martyr".

The church was built with brick and stone taken from Barboși Castrum, the church was dedicated to the Vatoped Monastery from Mount Athos, built by the same ruler. The construction of the church can be related to the bringing in the relics of St. Paraschiva, which the ruler had received in 1640 from the Patriarchy of Constantinople for the great money help he had provided.

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