The Roman Castrum from Tirighina-Bărboși


Galați, Romania


The Dacian-Roman archaeological site of Tirighina-Barboşi is located on the West of Galați, near the road to Tecuci and Brăila, DN25.

The first field research at Bărboși were made by Gheorghe Săulescu and the systematic archaeological research was initiated by Vasile Pârvan in 1912 and continued by Gheorghe Ştefan in 1935 - 1936.

In the settlement were discovered surface housing once built of wooden poles, wickers, crinkle pomp and cottages. N. Gostar, Silviu Sanie and Şeiva Sanie discovered in 1963 a cultic area of archaeological significance by the presence of six wooden drums, disposed on two alignments, like the sanctuary discovered at Zargedava.

The research had wonderful results in terms of archaeological material. During the numerous archaeological campaigns carried out on this site, material testimonies (ceramics, iron tools, weapons, ornaments and clothing accessories, statuettes, column fragments, etc.) were collected, enriching the scientific knowledge of the historyical human civilization from these places.

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