The Village Museum - traditional household

The Village Museum - traditional household


Strada Domnească 61, Galați, Romania


Located in a generous space, Garboavele Forest, The Village Museum - traditional household restores the type of rustic house specific for our area.

The Museum includes three households from Galati area, Corod, Mastacani and Cavadinesti localities, and a traditional household from Cahul District, Republic of Moldova.

The architecture of the houses from Galati area corresponds to the 19th century, while Cahul household is specific for the 20th century.

One can notice the house with hiding place as well as additions to the houses such as: "chimnita", "samaluc", "saia", shelter for the grinder, all offering a complex image not only of the traditional dwellings in the region but also of the social, historical and cultural context in wich they appeared.

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