Gârboavele Forest

Gârboavele Forest

Natural attraction


Pădurea Gârboavele, Romania


Gârboavele Forest hosts the Zoo, The Village Museum and The Piscatorial Museum, therefore it is an important recreational area for the resindents of Galați county.

Located in the south-eastern part of Galați county, in the administration area of Tulucești commune, near the national road DN24D, Gârboavele Forest was declared a Site of Community Importance in 2007 and covers an area of 219 ha.

The site is a plains area (with rivers, everglades, meadows, deciduous forests and bushwoods) and is part of the steppic bioregion of the Moldavian Plateau. This site preserves the natural habitats such as: Ponto-Sarmatian deciduous bushes, Euro-Siberian silvosteppe (forest-steppe) vegetation with Quercus spp. and Ponto-Sarmatian silvan vegetation with pubescent oak. It protects a wide variety of flora (oak, pedunculate oak, pubescent oak, hawthorn, Turkish hazel, wild rose, European smoketree) and rare fauna.

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