Events you don't want to miss in Galați

Events you don't want to miss in Galați

By accessing the cultural agenda of the city, you might be surprised by the variety of events taking place here: festivals, concerts, theater performances, film, dance, opera, operetta, musical theatre, exhibitions, gastronomic events.

We present you the most important national and / or international festivals, organized annually at Galaţi.

International Musical Festival ”Leonard”

The International Musical Festival „Leonard” has been running for more than a month, including opera, operetta and musical theatre, symphonic concerts, as well as a festival in the festival, namely the Danube Jazz & Blues Festival.

The event takes place in November - December.

National Comedy Festival "Fani Tardini"

”Fani Tardini” Dramatic Theater is the first theater in Romania to set up a competitive comedy festival with over 40 years of existence.

The National Comedy Festival is a marathon of joy, in which the public have the opportunity to watch the best Romanian theatrical productions.

The event takes place in October - November.

International Animation Festival "Gulliver"

The longest-running animation theater festival across the country is the ”Gulliver” International Animation Festival in Galaţi, organized by the ”Gulliver” Puppet Theater, in partnership with the City Hall of Galați and the Galați Local Council.

It is a real celebration of the city, that children, parents and grandparents await with great devotion every spring.

The event takes place in May.

International Festival of Fanfare "Iosif Ivanovici"

Organized by the ”Dunărea de Jos” Cultural Center, the International Festival of Fanfare "Iosif Ivanovici" promotes prestigious bands, as well as young orchestras, that perform outdoor concerts on the main stage of the festival, and in the heavy pedestrian traffic areas: the Danube Quay and the Public Garden.

The event takes place in August.

International Folklore Festival "Doina Covurluiului"

The International Folklore Festival "Doina Covurluiului" gathers annually famous ensembles from both our country and abroad.

Host of the festival, the ensemble "Doina Covurluiului" sings and dances for joy, longing, sorrow, love, celebration, in all the tones and emotions that touch the soul of people everywhere.

The event takes place in August.

"Modern Movie" Film Festival

The "Modern Movie" Film Festival is an opportunity for joy and good mood, showing successful films, critically acclaimed and appreciated by the audience. Projections take place in the open air.

The event takes place in July.

Danube Rock Festival

Organized by the ”Nae Leonard” National Opera and Operetta Theater and hosted by the Danube Stadium, the Danube Rock Festival is a celebration of guitar, drum, bass and keyboard sounds, where the music of the artists always electrifies the public in Galați.

The event takes place in June - July.

Christmas and New Year's Traditions and Customs Festival "Tudor Pamfile"

The Christmas and New Year's Traditions and Customs Festival "Tudor Pamfile" brings together folk ensembles from the country, from Galati County, as well as from the Republic of Moldova, with the purpose of highlighting the traditions and customs of the winter holidays.

The event takes place in December.

Mackerel Festival

It is one of the symbolic events of the city, which takes place on Palm Sunday on the Danube Quay. Besides preparing and serving various fish dishes, there are organized competitions of fishing skills or gastronomy as well as exhibitions of fishing traditions, boats, rods, trophies.

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