Danube Promenade


Aleea Faleza Dunării, Galați, Romania


Designed in the middle of the 20th century for tourist purposes and to improve the motorized traffic, the Danube Promenade represents one of the most important tourist attractions in Galaţi.

The two stairs – the upper and lower promenade – were built following the consolidation of a relatively unstable relief (a loess bed established thousands of years ago). It stretches over a length of about 4 kilometers, parallel to the Danube course, which makes the promenade from Galaţi the longest promenade of Europe (on the Danube course).

The promenade is not just the delight of tourists: locals who maintain an active lifestyle come to the promenade for jogging, to exercise outdoors, to go cycling, or to go rollerblading. From the ferry to the Navigation Palace (the two ends of the promenade), regardless of the weather or crowdedness, the promenade is the outdoor sports ground of the Galați rezidents.

But the promenade is also inspiration for the amateur and professional photographers, the Danube Promenade offers some of the most interesting and spectacular frames of Galaţi.

Text and photo sources: http://galatiturism.ro/faleza-dunarii/; https://www.facebook.com/FalezaDunariiGalati/; Doru Daniel Photography

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