The Museum of the Fishing Area from Galați county

The Museum of the Fishing Area from Galați county


Muzeul Pescăresc, Pădurea Gârboavele, Tulucești, România



The Museum of the Fishing Area is situated in Gârboavele Forest, in the same area as the Village Museum, and displays a set of objectives comprising two traditional households, a fishery, a pond, a pavilion for cultural outdoor activities and fences.

The museum ethnographically reconstructs the type of house specific to the Ethnographic Zone of Northern part of Covurlui River and the Galați Ethnographic Zone, the two ethnographic areas situated in the eastern part of Galați County.
For the fishing area, the fishery represents the place designed for receiving, sorting and marketing the fish, as well as the storage of fishing gear. The fishery is in the fishing area and is made of adobe, on a wooden structure, covered with reed.

The pond is filled with fish species area-specific. The vegetation water-specific: willow, reed, rush, displays the area and completes the objective aesthetically.

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