What to do in Galați in summer

What to do in Galați in summer

Leisure opportunities in the summer are numerous in Galați. Walking on the Danube Quay, going to the beach, swimming, cruises on the Danube, fishing, horseback riding or other relaxing activities in Gârboavele Forest are just some of the ways to spend time in the middle of nature.

Cruises on the Danube

There are companies which organize cruises on the Danube River from Galați, including Danube Delta tours.

It can be taken short trips, as well as all-inclusive cruises of up to 7 days, with the most important landmarks on the Danube.

The boat trips are not regular, but they only operate on demand, paying the equivalent of a race per hour march.

Details about the Danube River Cruises


Galati and its surroundings can be considered a true paradise for fishermen. In a relatively small area within a radius of 100 kilometers, there are over one hundred specially designed fishing places, plus the three major water courses in the region: the Danube, Siret and Prut.

Lake Brateş, with the highest water scarcity (about 2500 hectares), is poorer in fish, but it is recommended for lanscape, beach and water sports.

Lake Zatun, about 6 km from Galati, is the ideal destination for relaxation. Here are available pontoons for fishermen, deck chairs, grills, camping areas, showers, toilets, parking. In addition, beavers are arranged for observation of the fauna (on the lake can be seen also swans).

"La Salcâmi" is a very special place because it is perfect for groups of friends or families who want to enjoy intimacy.

The Leisure Complex „Balta Zătun”

Going to the beach and swimming

During the hot summer days you can spend time with your family or friends at the Danube beach or at one of the Galaţi pools.

Side by Side is the only outdoor swimming pool in Galaţi equipped with marine saltwater treatment devices with ultraviolet systems to prevent the development of microorganisms and quartz sand filters for water filtration.

The Viva Club Hotel features an outdoor pool with a 420 m² area and a semi-Olympic swimming pool. Children benefit from a specially designed playground as well as an outdoor pool dedicated to them.

The semi-Olympic swimming pool Viva Club, inaugurated in 2011, is 25 m long and has 5 corridors. Viva Club offers swimming lessons, aquatic activities and aquagim for children aged between 2 and 16 years.

Swimming courses for children and adults are also offered by the Piticot Swimming Pool.

Also consider the Swimming Pool "Baia Comunala" Galati or the ”Stejarul” Complex of Gârboavele Forest.

Viva Club Side by Side Pool

Recreation in Gârboavele Forest

The Gârboavele Forest, a traditional leisure area, offers many opportunities for relaxation and tourism. The existing facilities in the tourist area include: grills, tables, benches, bowers, playgrounds, sports field, ecological toilets.

You can also visit the Protected Natural Area of ​​Gârboavele Forest, with a total surface of ​​230 ha. An area of ​​217 hectares of the Protected Natural Area of ​​Gârboavele Forest has been declared "Site of Community Importance" and is an integral part of the European ecological network ”Natura 2000” in Romania.

In the Gârboavele Forest are located the Zoological Garden, the Village Museum and the Fishing Area Museum in Galati.

Horse Riding

Tuluceşti Stud is located in Tuluceşti commune, Gârboavele Forest.

The stud holds specimens of Anglo-Arab horses, the Gidran breed.

Equestrian enthusiasts can benefit from full services here, including horse riding, carriage rides, equipment rental.

Gârboavele Forest

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